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  • credit-card-counter-thumb

    Credit Card Counter

    Global Product Development Group designed a solution to count transparent credit cards.

  • calorimeter-small


    36% manufacturing cost improvement

  • levitation-controller

    Levitation Controller

    Used to suspend a small sample of molten aluminum oxide in midair while it is analyzed

  • test2

    Faceplate Design

    A maker of rack-mounted equipment was looking for a faceplate that would stand out in a sea of gray plastic.

  • corrosion-monitor

    Corrosion Monitor

    Global PDG built this industrial monitor to withstand the harsh conditions of a refinery.

  • M50-2-Render-Side-View

    Rugged Respirator

    This respirator is ruggedized for use in severe conditions.

  • Damper-Actuator-Outside

    Damper Actuator

    Innovative approach to solve an electrical energy problem.